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Newtown Cricket and Mustering Reserve

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Newtown Cricket Reserve
Catchment:Woady Yaloak
Municipality:Golden Plains
Weed status:low
Area:2.51 ha

Two kilometres south of Scarsdale, the Newtown Cricket and Mustering Reserve is a disused recreation centre complete with (still functional) toilet blocks and a former cricket pitch. Set in an attractive location next to state forest, the surrounding grassland was judged sufficently valuable to keep intact as a BEN Biodiversity Reserve.

Getting there:

Take the Glenelg Highway to the Scarsdale town centre. Take the Cape Clear Road (Lismore-Scarsdale Road), which continues south as the highway bends gently away right. Travel 2.0 kilometres south through the locality of Newtown to Recreation Road on the left hand (eastern) side of the road — it is the second road on the left after the school. Travel the short distance along this small road into the reserve.


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