Rainbowbird Trail

BIRD: linking the biodiversity community

041226-145420-341.jpg The trail is named after the Rainbow Bee-eater, also known as the Rainbow Bird.

Rainbow Bird Trail
Grassland, woodland, forest
Catchment:Woady Yaloak
Municipality:Golden Plains
Management:BODAFEG, BEN

The Rainbowbird Trail is a high quality walking track, linking many sites of interest. It is managed jointly by the Break O' Day and Forest Environment Group and the Ballarat Environment Network.

The trail runs from Dereel (Dereel Hall/Dereel Lagoon, Dereel Swamp Road) to Scarsdale (Town Park/Ballarat Skipton Rail Trail, Lismore-Scarsdale Road, Scarsdale) via Berringa, the Berringa Reservoir and Moonlight Reservoir Reserves and the Jubilee Mine Historic Reserve (managed by Parks Victoria).

A brochure, produced by BODAFEG, describes the whole trail. The trail travels along various roads, including the Berringa-Dereel, Berringa-Derwent Jack's and Golden Lake Roads. It is signposted with marker bollards marked with the Rainbow Bird Trail emblem.

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